Monday, April 5, 2010


This is a quick post, because tonight has been a whirlwind. We just won an "EAT OUT" award from Time Out NY. This is a "reader's choice" award that you all helped us win. We are beside ourselves. We were nominated by critics. Our win was decided by our fans. We accepted in front of some of the top restauranteurs in New York.  How could it be more wonderful? 
We'll write more about it in a day or two. For now we're going to sit back and contemplate what lucky guys we are. Thank you ALL.

Just an FYI: Bryan and I had to be thrown out at the end of the evening. We didn't want to go home. Honest to god, it was us, two beautiful TONY interns, and two bartenders. We were so flattered/astonished/baffled that we just couldn't leave the ceremony.

Doug and Bryan

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