Monday, May 17, 2010

Ticket Winners

It has been a long and wonderful day. Here are the winners of our raffle benefitting True Colors Residence. With ticket sales, donations, and proceeds from today's sales, we raised $750. Thank you to everyone involved, including the shows who gave us tickets.

WINNERS- I'll be contacting you individually by Tuesday using the method (phone or email) that you provided when you signed up.

La Cage Aux Folles: Matt Everett
Chicago: Sergio Martinez
Fela: Nick LaPorte
Fela: John Janis
My Trip Down the Pink Carpet: Uri Rozenblatt
My Trip Down the Pink Carpet: Eric Lamp
The 39 Steps: Jay Katz
The 39 Steps: Michael Lee
West Side Story: Ronald Varga

Special super thanks to Daniel Miles for being our raffle-boss at the street fair, to Craig and Sarah for assisting, and to Urban Bear for letting us do the whole thing on your turf.


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