Thursday, April 23, 2009


I finished the Mobile Food Vendor class tonight. I now know what it must be like to attend the worst public school in New York. People were so rowdy that just before our test security had to be called! Some dolt was actually escorted out of the test because he couldn't shut his mouth. These are adults... and we were paying to be there! It was surreal. I took one photo, but it doesn't relay the horrors that I endured. Bryan has a better camera phone and I'm sure he'll be able to get some better shots. Before the test was administered the teacher told us that we were the worst class he had ever witnessed/

The woman beside be was a nice enough lady; a late middle-age Chinese woman with an unfortunate number of bug bites on her arm. Sadly she smelled like kung-pao that had been left in the fridge too long.  The room had a really lovely ambience.

Our test was 15 questions... I hesitate to call them "multiple choice" since there were only two options. I finished it in 28 seconds, and I was being leisurely. Anyhow, this segment is over, and the next stop is to take a signed paper back to the Department of Health in a week. Bureaucracy at work!

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  1. SOOOOO... does passing the mobile food certification mean that you can walk and eat at the same time?

    They should certainly have a license for dashboard dining.


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