Monday, May 4, 2009

Vendor application = done

Another hurdle has been jumped. Today I went back to the ever-charming Department of Consumer Affairs. Having completed the Mobile Vendor Certification Course, and enduring a one-week waiting period, I went in and formerly applied for my vendor badge.

The lovely DCA:

The application package consists of:

  • The letter stating I passed the idiot class
  • Social Security Card (you better not have laminated the damn thing!)
  • Proof of address (a utility statement)
  • A two page form
  • A notarized form that states I am not a deadbeat dad. Lucky for me, none of my many baby-mommas are after me for support money, so I could honestly claim that I’m free of obligation
  • $50. Naturally I needed to fork over more money.

I waited about 1/2 hour for my number to come up. An aside; the way they have their announcement system set up is so god-damned annoying that I need to tell you about it. There’s a board that lights up to inform you “now serving #__ at window #__.” There’s also a corresponding announcement. That’s all well and good except that each announcement is made six times in succession! I suppose that this is to help the non-English speakers. It kept me from falling into the drooling near-coma that I longed for.


I turned all my paperwork in to a surly clerk. She was REALLY annoyed that one piece of ID had my middle initial, but others didn’t. I think she needs a hobby. Shortly after that I had my photo taken. The badge will arrive  in the mail in a few weeks. As soon as that happens, I’M SERVING CONES, BABY!!!!  


  1. This is all so very exciting. I especially the photo documentation. I can taste the bacon already, even if it will put us all in jail.

  2. Only in NY.


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