Friday, June 19, 2009


Taking the following:

Blueberries (as a topping, or have a blueberry shake!)
Saba (have it with your blueberries)
Ginger Crisps. Cute lil' cookies.
Pretzels. Have em on a sundae, with chocolate sauce. Purr!
Dulce de Leche
Nutella (for ice cream sandwiches with a layer of goo-love)

MORNING: Roaming the West Village, working on choosing a semi-permanent spot. Will post when I settle in.

EVENING: Will be at 466 Grand St (at Pitt) by 6:30.

Lord, let the sun shine for a few minutes!


  1. Please scout and consider these location: Park or Lexington avenues between 47th - 51st streets. The streets are full of Foodie trucks. The location says, "we have arrived". And I wouldn't enjoy having a cone this afternoon at lunchtime. Ok, how about, pleeeeeeze ?!

  2. oops wouldn't mind.... duh


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