Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It has been amazing to note the reactions of passers-by and customers. I can tell you that the women out there are the people that get the most jazzed up. This runs from grandmothers down to junior high students. If I my break this down even further, the ladies that without a doubt bring the most enthusiasm to the window are the lesbians of color. Many times a day I have you wonderful ladies come up and smile, and tell me that the whole concept brings you joy. You wave when you walk by, you shout that you love it... it is so great, and I can't thank you all enough!!

This makes me wish that I hadn't spent so many years cloistered in my lame little existence. I have missed out on knowing you women, and I'm glad that I learned this terrible oversight. Thank you for opening my world up.

Doug: ice cream man 4 ladies

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  1. Missed out on knowing you women? WTF are you talking about? What is this bullshit you're spewing? You've received no comments for this post because everyone knows crap when they see it.


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