Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Question for y'all

I'm curious. Do you folks want to know my personal revelations concerning this venture? I'll take silence as a "just stick the ice-cream, bozo" and go on about my business!

I'm far from a sociologist, and since my formal training is as a bassoonist I encourage you to take everything I say as the writings of a dullard. That said, people are stopping by this blog and I think it's because you're interested in the venture as an entirety, and not just the toppings.



  1. Personally, I think it's interesting to hear stories from "behind the counter." You bring a lot of personality to your venture, and it's great to hear your thoughts on the business, your customers, etc.

    Also, I'm following your truck vicariously from 5,000+ miles away, so it's cool to hear about more than just the daily toppings!

  2. I love reading about the experience, as well as the ice cream itself. Please do not hold back.


  3. Absolutely want to hear about your personal revelations! That's why I signed up in the first place :)

    If we don't hear it from a gay bassoonist/ice cream vendor, then who ARE we going to hear it from?!?

  4. I too, would love to hear your observations about your customers. I waitress in a suburb of Chicago and are living vicariously thru you,
    hugs to you and good luck,

  5. I want to hear more! I had no idea how much work went into this, please keep it COMING

  6. Are you kidding me? I check for updates nearly every day. You're the balls, man.

  7. I love the little person details you include. It always brightens up my day. If anything, please post more! And good luck with the venture, it's a genius idea.

  8. Whoops, I forgot to say - please more photos. I love seeing your customers and inside the truck would be neat too.

    Are you still a part of the music world? I am a trumpet player so interested in that aspect of your life too. Everything you've done so far is very cool.

  9. Hello Doug,

    I shared with my friends at Carnegie Hall about the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck"..One gal tasked me if I had actually said "BGIT".. she then said with a huge smile that this was the best thing ever!

    I plan to track you down this Pride weekend.

    Keep the comments comin'



  10. Hi everyone. Thanks for the nice comments! I'll try to get more photos up, too. There should be lots to take pictures of this weekend.

    CW- yes, I am indeed a full-time bassoonist. I just finished the course work for my DMA and passed my comps in May. That's one reason I decided to do "something else" for the summer. I didn't take any bassoon work for June so that I could work on this. I'll be gigging in July.

  11. "Tell Us More"
    * blink blink *
    Loving your stories about the interactions you are having with the public!

  12. The "writings of a dullard"? Oh, come on. No one is buying the self-deprecation routine. Surely, with your DMA and your schedule as a performer and a business owner, you feel quite talented and special. So talented and special that it would be lame to do just one thing really well. Much better to do a bunch of things kind of half-assed, right?

  13. holy cow! i just got a cone from you last night; if i had only known then you were a fellow bassoonist, i would have tried to press you for free sprinkles! loved the cone, keep up the good work!


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