Thursday, June 11, 2009


This Saturday, June 13
Prospect Park for Brooklyn Pride
We'll be at the "Kids Space" - inside the park, at about Prospect Park and 15th. Look for signs for Kids Space.

We're serving by 1pm.

Confirmed topping menu items:
TRIX Cereal (Trix ARE for kids, but adults can have 'em too. It's queer, colorful, and youngster-friendly, like us!)
Cayenne Pepper. It makes the chocolate into something really surreal.
Fresh berries TBA - we're going to find the freshest thing we can, so I'm not saying exactly what berry.
Maple Syrup. We've got a certain brand that we love. You're going to love it, too. Taste-tester Bo was licking the bottom of her ramekin for this one, something she could only accomplish thanks to yoga.


  1. If you're gonna have TRIX Cereal, you should definitely have Froot Loops! -- rnathanwhite (Facebook & Twitter)

  2. I hope that you're using Vermont maple syrup!

  3. Cereal & Ice Cream sounds like a great combination. I would love vanilla cone dipped in Cocoa Pebbles and Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch.

  4. Pop Rocks perhaps?

  5. I think that we'll do lots of different cereals over the summer.

    Pop Rocks sounds fun. I'll have to get a pack and see how they react when you put them on ice cream. I wonder if they'll be all sizzled out by the time you get them in your mouth?

  6. And Laura: it's VT maple syrup all the way... and I'm a Mainer, so that's hard to say!

  7. Ooh - you can get chocolate covered Pop Rocks ( So that's how you keep them from popping as a topping...

  8. Is that Laura C?

    The Candy Warehouse sight makes me feel like I've had bad acid!!


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