Saturday, June 27, 2009


It's here - the big weekend. & the sun is out in full force (seems the sun is always out for NYC pride). So just wanted to repost my location today:

Before 2pm I'll be in midtown, think near Bryant Park (5th & 40th) but will twitter when i get there, then:

From 2-6ish I'll be at a street fair (Pride Meets the Street) on East 4th, between Bowery and 2nd, then:

From 7-9 I'm catering a wedding in Chelsea, so unless you're on the guest list...., then:

9 til I run out of cones, I'll be somewhere. I'll let you know later today.

Pulling out a lot of toppings today for the special weekend:
Trix Cereal, Scharfen Berger Cocoa Nibs, Cayenne Pepper, Nilla Wafers, Dulce de Leche, French Peppermint Syrup, Fresh Blueberries (w/ or w/o Saba), Bariani Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Crushed Pretzels.

Cartwheels - Nutella, Organic Chunky Peanut Butter

Shakes - Blueberry

It's going to be a long, crazy day I can tell! So come on by & get your cone on!

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