Thursday, July 9, 2009


We were finally ready to dive into the bacon project, so Bryan spent some time in our test kitchen caramelizing bacon (by way of an recipe). 16 slices made it out to the truck today, layered between wax paper & sealed airtight thanks to the Glad Family of Products for our secret launch. We twittered about it but didn't publish it on the truck's menu. We wanted to keep it on the DL as those CL'ers like to say. This way we could get a true bacon fan's take on the goods.

Our good friend Stevie was the first to be there, ready to sample our chocolate/caramelized bacon cartwheel. Doug tried one too - because you have to know what it is your slingin'. Stevie took a pic & posted it on his site - which I've stolen & posted here for your enjoyment.

Hopefully if the feedback is good we'll be back in that test kitchen of ours getting a lot more pork ready for the truck!

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  1. How about an Oinkskimo Sandwich? Or a Froink (frozen oink)? A Cart-squeal? That's my fave, actually, a Cart-squeal. Can't wait to try one!


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