Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday: another monsoon

Rain, rain, rain. AGAIN! Good lord.

It's been a while since I had a good shower of dairy goo, so today I corrected that problem. The very first tug on the vanilla nozzle coated the walls and all of me with liquid mix. Yay! I felt just as special as Carrie White at the prom. My telekinetic powers didn't kick in, though... dammit.

Within minutes of tweeting that I did indeed have bacon three gentlemen arrived for the goods. That continued for the afternoon, until I sold out and had to let a few folks down. The rain kept cutting the party short. What can you do?

I'm off the road for the next few days; I have a couple shows to play and lots of other work to get done. I'll be back out on Thursday. Last week I mentioned that I was busy with a photoshoot for my group Zephyros Winds. I'm not filling up this blog with information on my music career... that's well-documented elsewhere- but I *do* want to share one of our new photos. I'm very happy with this photographer, a nice fellow named Bell Soto. He did the best he could with us bald old men!!

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