Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Most Exciting Wedding

This is from a fabulous wedding we were graciously asked to be a part of a few weeks ago. It was in West Chelsea under the High Line in an empty lot & once we arrived the guests all started singing this little ditty in our honor.

We had a most wonderful time being a part of the special night. We have some photos of our own to sort through & post so you can see how crazy the event was - there was a Mariachi band, a Slavic Brass Band, many different food carts catering the event, & lots of revelers ready & willing to try all our ice cream concoctions.

But for now, click here to see the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck song. Also on youtube are related videos from the wedding - including a crazy mash up between the two bands covering MGMT's "Electric Feel."

All our best to Joel & Natasha!

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