Tuesday, July 21, 2009


NYC and the Twitterazi have embraced the Choinkwich! I took a good amount of bacon yesterday and it was sold out by mid-afternoon. It's fun that only the Twitter-folk know when it's on. I'm sorry that so many of you didn't get to try it. We'll be sure to cook more this weekend and do it again on Monday. I'm toying with some sort of "reservation" system, so that if you can't come until later in the day I know to hold some for you. Let me think it all over.

Monday was a very good day. I'd like to thank those of you that took time away from your cones to speak to microphones for a bit. I appreciate you being good sports.

Highlights? Oh, who can say- but for sure seeing Brian and having Jose R. stick around for a visit. To the kid who just came out and stopped by, good going. I hope to see you around again.

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  1. I stopped by the truck on Monday and had cone in hand. When I turned around I had microphone in face. I wasn't sure if I should speak into it or lick it. when the confusion passed I was happy to answer a few questions. Thankfully the "cookie s@#t", as you referred to it, kept my Mr. Softee from melting all over my hand. I'm glad to see you're getting so much positive press. Be sure to let us know when the story airs on the radio...


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