Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I keep saying that the folks who come to the truck have to be some of the nicest people in NYC. You're all so fun, and I couldn't be more proud to give you a cheap bit of pleasure. It's as though the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is the final stop on in a scavenger hunt. I would guess that yesterday over 100 people showed up just because they were out on a mission to get one of our treats. My brother and sister-in-law came around, my friend Craig showed up (and by the way, Craig- the beard looks great) and Paul S. came by. In addition, there were some great moments with new friends. Leah brought me a sample of her granola. I signed a copy of Time Out for Gary. Two EMTs, followers from Twitter, parked their ambulance while they came to the window! You're all giving me one hell of a summer and I'm grateful.

On Monday a sweet little lady made me a gift and dropped it by. Check this out:

It's our logo! How damned adorable is that?? Alicia makes lots of crochet items, and I asked her if I could plug her online store. I'm still giddy about my special queerly-crocheted cone.

EDITED TO ADD: Bryan and I just spent some quality time looking at Alicia's store, and it's DEFINITELY going to be where we do some holiday shopping. Please look at what she does.


  1. I may have to adapt my crochet ice cream sandwich pattern to make a choinkwich.

  2. After looking at your s'more I am sure you would do a great job! We were cooing as we looked at your goods. The raindrops! The clementines! Marry me.

  3. Project choinkwich, here I come.

    My first proposal from an ice cream truck guy!!! My 3rd or 4th because of my crochet stuff. Haha.

  4. Next time, I'm bringing you cookies. Gluten free!


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