Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, over. Again.

Though today was a rainy mess, it was not without numerous bright spots. I'd guess that nearly 50% of my sales were to people who came by specifically to get a treat from our truck. That was a nice feeling! I met a number of first-timers from Twitter, and more than a few who said "we saw you in (time out, or...) and am glad to finally find you." In addition I had many regulars visit. Thank you, people; I was glad to see you.

I was finally in close proximity to the Schnitzel Truck, and they set me up with some excellent cod for lunch. Thanks, bubs!

The weather was, in fact, so craptastic that the depot called everyone back for an early close. I'm going to be out again on Saturday, and it looks like there will be some sunshine. I'm looking forward to having a weekend day with you all. Please come by if you can!

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