Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, done deal.

Today was better than fine. Lots of fun people showed up to Union Square, and plenty of mouths fed upon the Nutella sandwich. That thing is catching on big time. Many people even took pictures of it. Food porn!!

At the end of the afternoon I took down the banners and headed to 40/8th. I worked the corner like a tired old tramp, trying to make chump change. The two most interesting parts of the stretch coincided. A keen-eyed friend who had met me earlier in the afternoon spotted me and hung around for a while to keep me awake. While he was there an undercover cop (a very HANDSOME undercover cop, thank you) flashed me his badge and told me that there had been a complaint against me. I'd been reported for throwing ice cream in people's faces. What the? I asked him if he was serious, and he lifted up his shirt to show me his bullet-proof vest and various wires. He was just yanking my chain. It was a damned good joke on his part.

The day is now over, and my right wrist is killing me from pulling down the handle. I've always had a lame wrist; about 10 years ago I had to have surgery on it to alleviate various problems. I learned to use a computer mouse with my left hand, and it's time to do the same with ice cream cones. Starting tomorrow, I make them lefty. God help us all, there are going to be some weird looking cones for a day or two!


  1. First of all, great meeting you today! And it's nice to know that you already consider me a "keen-eyed friend".
    I had thought of taking a picture of the undercover cop, but I guess taking a picture of an undercover cop - hot or not - would probably not have been a good thing to do. But I now I sort of wish I had taken the requisite cheesey picture of you with the New York Times article.
    And I may just have to track you down tomorrow to see how your left hand cones turn out. Take care of that wrist.

  2. I love it! Doug has groupies.

  3. Oh HONEY - 40th and 8th is papihooker central!!! No wonder the undercover cop was hanging out there.



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