Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello from MAINE

Bryan and I have been in Maine this weekend. I had my 20th year high school reunion and caught up with lots of old friends. There were people far more bald than I... a relief!

We bought a few pounds of bacon today, intended to caramelize it tonight. Bryan has been cooking it with maple syrup, which seems like something that you should be able to find up here. Not so... it's too pricey, I guess, and everyone seems quite content with that dyed-brown corn syrup on their pancakes. The locals actually seem irritated that we want the real thing. I guess it makes us rich snobs? The fact is that it doesn't cook the same way, people. Give up trying to convince us to use Mrs. Butterworth. We'll track some down tomorrow and get all this bacon cooked- then we'll head back to NYC. I should have enough bacon on Tuesday to make Choinkwiches for all who request them. Lately I've been running out by 4pm at the latest.

I took pumpkin butter on the truck last week and once again I sold out of it. The next time I bring it I'm also going to bring crushed graham crackers. Add some vanilla ice cream and you will think you're eating a piece of pie! We're also going to smash up a bunch of malt balls this week. Fun fun fun!

To prove where I've been, here's a shot of the remnants of Maine Central Institute's class of 1989. I graduated with only about 80 people, so we had nearly 20% of the class in attendance yesterday. My favorite feature in this pic is my friend Katie's hand-on-thigh pose.

In two weeks I'll hit my 20th year living in NYC. I'm glad I'm marking the anniversay with such a fun project this summer.

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  1. So wait did Blondie try to hit on you too?? Thanks for the squeeze baby!


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