Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New things

Hi folks! I have a few interesting things going on.

1. I've been working with Spreadshirt, my t-shirt vendor, to get shirts available in Europe. By this weekend I'll have everything ready to go, and those of you in the EU will be able to order "locally." I'm really excited about this; I hope that many of you will not only get shirts but send me photos of yourselves from all over "the other side of the pond."

2. I'm now making gift certificates available. Want to give your friend a fun present? Send 'em to the truck for a cone, or even for a shirt! You can send cash over Paypal, and I'll make a document for them. If you're interested, email and we'll work it out.

3. I've got a few new recipes/treats that I'm eager to make available. One is a banana puree with cocoa in it- what a yummy ooze that should be! I took crushed malt balls today and sold out by late afternoon. I had no idea how well they would be received. I'll be sure to have them again soon; some espresso malt balls are here in the fridge and you'll love 'em.

4. There's a bit about to air on NPR- a short profile done by George Bodarky. He's a really swell guy, and I expect that the piece will really be memorable. He'll let me know air dates, and I'll post them here.

5. The biggest, and WILDEST thing, is that I have heard a preliminary version of our theme music!! A few weeks ago Jane Wiedlin and I discussed that she would be the perfect person to write something for us. I didn't want to push my luck on it... so when a recording arrived by email of Jane singing the song she whipped up for us, I was beside myself with pride/shock/happiness/delirium. The song is super catchy, and within a few weeks Jane should be able to finish up a full recording for me. I'm also going to have the tune converted to "ice cream truck bells" so that I can play it when I'm on the move. When I say the words "big gay ice cream" to myself I hear Jane's tune in my head. I can't wait until you are all in the same position.

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  1. I've heard the preliminary version and it's crazy fun!!! YAY JANE!!


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