Thursday, September 10, 2009


I apologize for not writing more, but I've been hard at work on the truck. Bryan and I have also been fiendishly planning for the Vendy Awards... I think we're onto some good ideas for making that day go great.

I have a few things to share. I think I've mentioned before that BGICT has a friend who is an EMS driver. It's pretty damned funny to have an ambulance pull up next to the truck. Trisha really saved my butt last night by bringing me some jumper cables. THANK YOU... You're earning big karma points. Here she be:

Today, 9/9/9, was the first day of public school in NYC. This afternoon I had a number of parents bringing their kids by for a "you made it through the first day of class" cone. That was really fun; all of the kids were optimistic and excited.

A dad brought his son (who was perhaps 3) up to the truck today. The boy looked at the menu; the dad said "he has a hard time choosing" to which I replied "but he doesn't have a hard time peeing." The dad looked down and realized that the kid had let loose in his pants. A trickle ran from the kid's shoe to the gutter. You'll be happy to hear that I rolled the truck forward a few feet after this.

I was really amused by this dog. He waited like a perfect gentleman as his dad popped into Pret a Manger.

Lastly, Jason "Mayhem" Miller had a cone (chocolate with cayenne) today with some friends. I challenged him... he laughed. Next time I see him, it's ON. Bryan is smiling because he KNOWS I could have kicked Mayhem's ass.


  1. Happened across your blog today. Love it!
    And linking it from mine.

  2. haha, that airedale is awesome.

    also, some of my big gay ice cream photography for you:

  3. Great photos- will you add them to our Flikr pool, please? That pickle/sriracha shot makes me chuckle. I'm still giggling that you did that!

    See ya soon...

  4. Fun pics, as always. Yay for Trisha!!!!


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