Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vendy Day is upon us

The apartment is full of stuff for the Vendys.... menus, toppings, this and that, you name it. I need to leave here by 6:45 to pick the truck up, and Bryan will be packing a car full of stuff at the same time. We've got three friends- Jose, Karen, and Devin to help us out tomorrow. There will be many updates over Twitter, and we'll try to upload some photos to the website as well.

Both of our categories are audience choice. Say a little prayer, send a little love, and I promise that we'll be doing our best. It's all too exciting! To add even more wonder to the day, my niece gave birth just an hour ago. Welcome Mabel (named after my departed grandmother) to the world...

Bedtime- and then the games begin!!

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