Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vendys - Big Gay Ice Cream Team

Our buddies Devin, Jose, and Karen were drafted into our Big Gay Team yesterday. They prepped food, ran sample trays and menus around, helped work out press needs, and were our liasons to the other trucks. We were grateful to have their help and friendship.

Jose knows his food trucks... maybe you've seen him around. It was good to have him as ambassador to the other vendors, as Bryan and I were trapped in our own truck for the day.

FYI on Devin is a cap - NOT a bad toupee.

This photo was taken by Dan Cohen - QMA Board of Trustees member and cool t-shirt wearer. After it was taken we realized we were reenacting the cover of The B-52's "Time Capsule." Thank you Dan, for being a part of our amazing Vendy experience!


  1. Guys...You have to come to Baltimore! ONE of my vices is Ice Cream! I love vanilla because you can create anything you like with it....Anyway are you franchising? I could probably stay away from the rest of the flavors.....

  2. I only know about the BIG GAY ICE CREAM TRUCK because of Jose! He's a fun guy - and very talented, even if he was in the pit for LESTAT.


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