Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday: off the grid

I vanished "off the grid" today, which is ironic because I spent most of the day in gridlock! Having both the United Nations in session and Mr. President in town does wonders for midtown traffic.

We had a private event to cater today. It was quite fun! MTV hired us to park outside The Daily Show. We served treats to the staff as MTV's way of congratulating them on their Emmy win. The folks were all, as expected, quite delightful and it was a good time. After I served all of the staff I ended up hanging around, as many of the ticket holders waiting to go to the taping wanted ice cream too. Fun!

How cute are Samantha Bee and Jason Jones?


  1. Fantastic! Wish you were there last Tuesday when we were waiting in line for hours! =) We've been meaning to check out your truck!

  2. Wow... Um, I am so jealous. Loving that the Daily Show (well, MTV) hired you. That's so amazing, sending you big congrats!

  3. That lady at your food vendor class was right. You are LIVING YOUR DREAM!


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