Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's more fun than Google's translator?

I just came across a Polish article in which we have a small mention. I ran it through Google's translator, and the results are hilarious. Try to get through the whole thing!

Delicatessen on New York sidewalk
Danuta Walewska 08-11-2009, last updated: 08-11-2009 09:35

My aunt was on the Argentine border attack, stroke, when she saw leaving the house that I took the bag apple "for later". Hissed: How do you eat them, so the street!?

In her opinion eating outside the home or restaurant is the pinnacle of bad taste and the complete absence of proof of education.

Today would have been exposed to an even more severe test, if she saw most elegant streets of Manhattan, where much szykowniejsi people than her Polish niece in Buenos Aires, set up in a giant queue of trucks with food color, then opychają be standing or sit on a parapet or a park bench, everything from hot dogs by the exquisite tacos to lobster from Maine.

Basin street eating, then V Avenue. When przecznicach from 50 dominate the top of the food carts koszernymi. Beginning preparations are not necessarily appetizing. Poprzerastane fat, broken veins ochłapki cook meat cleaver cut. Snip, snip, snip and spreads on the grill. Patient queue of hungry dressed in burberry increases. Snip, snip, snip. At the meat rises very bad smell. Spices from the jar, cut-pita bread, chopped lettuce. The sky in her mouth. A huge portion of 9.95 dollar.

From afar, I feel the smell of barbecue. Skewers on hot coals with poultry, sweet potatoes, cut into strips beef balls of minced fish meat. Prevails gigantic mutton kebab doprawiony cumin, red chilli hellishly sharp, a bit of fresh ginger. Everything is prepared not by the Arab recipe, but the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Free portion of the dollar.

With just a few dozen meters away I could feel in El Peluche cziczarones, great greaves so fragile that melt in your mouth. Or, Dominican czimiczurri - baked on a grill hamburgers with coarsely chopped beef, administered with a salad of cabbage, onions and mayonnaise sauce keczupowo-fluffy breadcrumbs in which nobody tells eat until the end, but something we need to give. Half a block further wieners in Hello Berlin on the corner of Avenue 54 and May. It's bold entry into the highly competitive market, but the idea of young Germans saved. Ordinary sausage called here Mercedes, with the addition of the curry - Porsche. Volkswagen is the cheapest nearly meatless version.

The culmination of a lobster feast street from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Caught a few hours earlier, after baking on the grill served with a piece of corn, potato salad and homemade mayonnaise. May still be in the breadcrumbs or kartoflu giant, which act as a dish. Red Hook Lobster operates only on weekends from September to freeze fishery in Maine, and then from April to May.

Dessert is one. Ice cream with Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. I give the gold medal vanilla soup with wasabi, or chocolate with sea salt and olive oil. When in New York I am hungry, always go for a walk V Avenue. After passing a few blocks, I know that not only I am terribly hungry, but what terribly hungry. I always regret when I eat breakfast Starbucksie, where they have to pay for nearly $ 50. I think that if New York was my aunt in Buenos Aires that, unfortunately, would go there. As always a lot of sitting Starbucksie aunts.

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