Thursday, January 7, 2010

BGICT in print

We have had a sneak peak into Food Truck Nation, a forthcoming book by the esteemed John T. Edge. John T. has written a number of books that explore Americana (especially below the Mason-Dixon line) via taste buds. This time around he has turned his eye (tongue? Word processor?) to the legacy of street food.

Last summer Bryan and I stopped by the Maritime Hotel (which feels like a fancy place to go for an interview, I'm used to Starbucks) and sat for an interview with Maestro Edge. He’s the sort of southern scholar that can ask “what the hell are you doing?” and make you feel, rightfully, as though he’s complimenting you with his query. Just before our season wrapped we were visited by Angie Moser, John’s colleague. Angie spent a while photographing the goings-on at our truck, and we’ve seen some of her work online.

John and Angie have confirmed that we’ve made the final cut; Big Gay Ice Cream Truck will be included in
Food Truck Nation. We are really tickled. Check out some of Angie’s photos of her visit, and then peruse the others she has shot around the country. The book is due out sometime this year; we'll wait and wonder just what John T. has to say about us. Until then I'll stare at this picture of cute pigs.

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