Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wings, pepperoni, and plentiful acid reflux

When you look at the food articles that our names have been attached to in the last two weeks you'll understand why I've had heartburn waking me up almost every night. I swear that I'm about to go to the grocery story for celery, iceberg lettuce, and pita bread.

Serious Eats published a new article today. It was written by Bryan, and tells of a joyous trip we took to Hooters last week. It's all for the wings, baby. Read Bryan's article. It's fun, and if I wasn't in need of some Maalox I'd want to head down there for another platter of chicken.

Two weeks ago I was a panelist for a deliver-pizza test conducted by the pizza blog Slice. We ate Dominos, Papa Johns, Little Ceasars and Pizza Hut. The most important thing that I learned from this experience was how fortunate I am to live where there are better options. Frankly the options in my hometown (The Corner Cupboard and Richies) are better what we ate. The article doesn't mention that Ed Levine and I both felt our throats burning from something in the Papa John's sauce...

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