Thursday, February 18, 2010

You had me at "Hoboken"

I am excited to tell you about an event Bryan and I are involved with. It's not for a while, but I'm talking about it now because I hope that some of you will also want to take part.

On Saturday, April 17 we will be judges at the FIRST ANNUAL HOBOKEN BAKE-OFF BEAT-DOWN. I type this in all caps because I really am shouting it.

I'm pretty sure that just by putting "Hoboken" and "Bake-off" into the same post I've already hooked you, but it gets even better. The event is a benefit for a charity called Autism Speaks. Read about autism; the rates of occurrence are climbing steeply. We need to invest in this now.

Bryan and I know some of the judges for the event, and are looking forward to meeting the others. There will be representatives on hand from Wafels and Dinges, Cupcake Stop, Dessert Truck Works, and Dessert Buzz. I intend to publicly call Thomas DeGeest out on the rumor that he is going to open a truck called Big Gay Dinges and you'll want to be there to witness his tears!

Please consider entering. If you aren't a baker, come and EAT. If you can't be there, maybe you can contact the organizers about a donation of some sort.

An aside: I stumbled upon an article called "10 Things Autistic Children Wish You Knew" and I am glad I read it.


  1. Working for autism awareness is great - I just wish it was for a more positive organization than Autism Speaks :-( They use some shady numbers to come up with the idea that autism rates are climbing steeply and often present a very narrow and negative view of autism.

  2. Interesting. I did research the organization to make sure it's all legit but as for our viewpoints on their party line, I can't say a thing. We're just doing our part and that is, for the most part EATING. And I *do* know about that!


  3. That's wonderful! my niece is autistic....and she would agree, I'm sure. Big smiles.

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