Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking for the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck?

We’re (nearly) back.

On April 1st (weather permitting, naturally) we’ll be starting a part-time service schedule. Expect all your favorite toppings and specialty cones to return. 

In late May Doug has to pop over to Beijing to play a concert, so there will be a short closure. As June begins we’ll turn on full-blazes through the summer. By then we will have launched our new website and debuted a bunch of new toppings and sundaes. You can also expect a new look for the truck around this time, and a great new line of merchandise.

Always check the daily schedule on our website ( or via ourTwitter feed (@biggayicecream).

Things are getting delicious around here. 

We'll see you soon.

Doug and Bryan


  1. A perfect day to start! smiles.

  2. Woo! Any word on location(s)?

  3. YAY! I hope the new truck also has loudspeakers that can play Big Gay Music to announce the truck's arrival!


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