Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More good.

What a weird day!  Naturally it was a GOOD weird- we're lucky that way. 

We've been busy working on the content for our new website. We're about to upgrade from this blog to a "real" site. The blog will remain intact, but we'll also add much more- menus, photos, all sorts of things. Today we had Robyn Lee, in-house food photographer for Serious Eats and our friend, come by to shoot our creations. Check out Robyn's website The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Having Robyn by meant that we had to have all sorts of toppings on board; we wanted pictures of everything we regularly make. It was a nice coincidence that we were fully stocked, because out of nowhere Jeffrey Steingarten showed up! Mr. Steingarten is one of the most respected food writers around, and is easily recognized from his numerous appearances as a judge on Iron Chef America. His book The Man Who Ate Everything is brilliant. I was in the midst of making a cone when I looked up and saw him sitting on a windowsill at Pret A Manger.

Doug: "You look like Jeffrey Steingarten."
JS: "I get that a great deal."
Doug: "You poor thing. Would some ice cream help?"

Mr. and Mrs. Steingarten, with their exceptionally well-mannered golden retriever, hung out with us for a nice visit. He tried our wares, told some stories, and enjoyed talking to my friend Kim. Kim grabbed a bunch of photos, and I'll share here once I've gotten ahold of them. I have this one, which shows both Girl and Man Who Ate Everything. HOW TOTALLY FUN.

ps. I don't know who is booking the judges for Iron Chef this season, but if you happen to be reading this: less of the random and not-very-keen, more of the insightful and educated. You're not putting Steingarten on as often anymore, and it shows in the quality of the panels. Get him back. 

Edited to add the rest of Kim's photos. Thanks, babe!


  1. Kathy and I wanted a photo with Jeffrey, but were too shy to ask...but looks like we got it anyway! ;) Thanks, guys!

  2. I loved my ice cream yesterday, yay for the candied bacon...soooo goood! Thank you!

  3. Anon: glad you liked it!

    Robo: the photo makes it appear as though you're all hanging out together. yay!

  4. it's cute how the doggie is looking up so longingly at the ice cream!

  5. The Man Who Ate Everything is the best food-centric
    book I've ever read.

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