Friday, April 17, 2009

Got a merchandising site that you recommend?

Our friend Jason is working a design for the BGICT. I want to have all sorts of swag made up. I've used CafePress for this sort of thing before, but quite frankly I think they suck. If anyone has an online merchandise vendor that they can endorse, I'd love to hear about your pick.

Here are two of Jason's sites: Handsome Devil Press and Doodlewhore.  I have full confidence that he's going to come up with something REALLY FLAMING.



  1. Is the boy actually the BGICM as a child, dreaming of one day driving a BGICT?

  2. No, I never had such a fancy shirt and the cowlick I had (we've receded past it now) limited my bangs. From the glimmer in his eye it obvious that this boy has a dream, just as I dream of serving cold chemicals to stoners, gays, and hipsters.

  3. Hi!! jimbo sent me over!!!!

  4. Hi Beth! I'm glad you stopped by; come back often!


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