Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the truck!

Today I went down to Broadway and 35th to check out the boss’s truck. Andrea has been on the street for a few weeks now, gearing herself up to the summer onslaught. It was my first time on the truck, and mostly I was pleased to find that I can stand upright! Andrea clued me in on some logistical issues. I still can’t do any real training because I need the state certification before I can handle food. I'd never heard of a "Merlin" before, and never in my life have I made a banana split. She has much to teach me!

Bryan came by and had a quick peak around. It got our imaginations going; we’re planning lots of ways to gay the truck up, and we’re also planning lots of special toppings… Bryan will fill you in on that.  Fun ideas for queer truck dress-up are appreciated. Everything needs to be removable. Let’s hear your ideas!

Here’s Andrea’s “nude” truck.  Go by and see her- she’s usually right in front of Conway, on 35th just west of Broadway.

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