Friday, May 15, 2009

Merchandise: good to go!

Our online-store is good to go, folks! Click on the logo to the right, or just click right here, and shop til ya pop. 

The prices will go up at the end of next week. Right now I want to be sure all of you loyalists can get something at a decent price. Note that the shirts might seem to cost a little more than normal, and that's because we tried to go with American Apparel when possible. 

If you feel as though something is missing from the shop (especially for ladies- I don't know squat about what kinds of cuts y'all want) PLEASE let me know and we'll try to design something to suit your tastes.

In other news: I'm planning one helluva launch party. Information forthcoming.


  1. Tentative. Waiting for confirmation from a few people before I announce it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Cool...well look forward to the announcement. I'm hoping to send some friends your way for the big event.

  4. Jimbo sent me over to you ... I'd love to get a big gay ice cream cone from you guys when you launch. I live in Hell's Kitchen and work in the Village - so I'm bound to see you somewhere!


  5. Ha! I got my T-shirt. I can't wait to get it.


  6. You gonna do Coffee mugs ..please?? :)

  7. DeDe, here's the scoop on that:

    Spreadshirt as a really limited number of non-clothing options. I *really* wanted to go with them because their transfer is much better, and so is the shirt stock.

    THAT SAID... in a little while I will do a Cafepress stores for non-clothing merchandise. For now I thought it best to just have one store. I hope that makes sense.


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