Thursday, May 7, 2009


UPDATE: Passed the test with flying colors. Not sure if I beat 28 seconds or not because the chick next to me kept wanting me to join her coffee cart brigade. Now I have to do the same rigmarole that Doug did: wait a week, go back to the DoCA, bring the IDs, fill out the forms, pay the $s, get my pix, & wait (again) for my purdy laminated badge to come in the mail. Then I'll be out there overseeing the daily premium topping selection.

Gearing up for me test. I have to beat Doug's time of 28 seconds. Now
what was the definition of food? Drat!


  1. But first, a 1.5 hour review of using bleach to kill "the virus" and how to read a thermometer. PAY ATTENTION!

  2. My friend in Providence met one of you at the bar at Al Forno, and she suggested I get in touch about bringing ice cream to my NYC wedding on Sat., June 27th in the East Village. If you're interested, call me at (917) seven six three two nine five six. -- Joel

  3. Hey Joel - that was Doug & he'll definitely be in touch with you. Congratulations on the wedding! (Our first booking!) -Bryan

  4. See Doug, I told you if one of you got an internets minister's license you could do weddings and catering!


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