Monday, June 8, 2009

Department of Consumer Affairs: Wonderland

I really appreciate all of you for getting "on board" with me on this. I didn't mean for it to "hit" quite as early as it did- I had planned a press release for this week, but word got out early. Keep checking by, and trust me- it will be worth the wait. Stick with me, peeps!

Can I get through to the folks at "SEVEN ON YOUR SIDE" or some other advocate group? Last week I was assured that my Mobile Food Vendor Permit was in the mail. I applied for the thing on April 27, and there is a 3-6 week wait until it shows up. Today makes 6 weeks, and it still hasn't shown up. I called this morning to ask about where it might be. Bear in mind I am just about the nicest dope EVER about this stuff. So polite, you think I'd get some help.

So, Miss DCA tells me that I the paperwork went through on May 27 and my license was issued. I mentioned that the 6 weeks are up, and she said "not since May 27, when your paperwork went through." But I applied for the thing on APRIL 27, numbnut!!

Anyhow, I'm still on track to "launch" this weekend. I'm just a little wigged out by the timing.



  1. It's kind of hilarious how bureaucrats will be bureaucratic ANY TIME THEY POSSSIBLY CAN.

  2. The launch of your business seems like the perfect type of story that Jeanne Moos of CNN covers. If anyone works at CNN, please let Jeanne know:

  3. Don't worry Doug - I know it's frustrating but it will come through. Fortunately, I can be very patient when it comes to good toppings .


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