Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Toosday's oopdate

Yesterday's sunny weather has turned to doody, but yesterday's gloomy blog post makes way for today's happy news.

WE LAUNCH THIS SATURDAY! That's June 13, darlings. Be in Prospect Park for Brooklyn Gay Pride, and come find up at the "Kids Space." That's inside the park, at about Prospect Park West and 15th. We'll be serving children, then welcoming everyone starting at about 1:oopm.

If you haven't been to Brooklyn Pride, you're missing out. It's more laid-back than the Manhattan celebration, and has a "local" feel to it. It's a grand time. I couldn't be happier to launch there. I'm really pleased that we are an official part of the celebration (instead of just wandering the perimeter) and that we are at the kid's part of pride.

I've got some great toppings lined up; I'm going to do a few rounds of taste-testing before I announce them. Don't forget, if you wear your BGICT swag I'll top ya for free!

Oh- and one last thing- my boss is in Ice Cream Court today! Let's hope she's not sent to Rikers!


  1. This is amazing. I've been taking photos of really big ice cream cones for years.

  2. What kind of topping can I get on my children?
    (You said, "we'll be serving children."

  3. Hah- I'm following a recipe from my favorite cookbook: "How To Serve Man."

    Dykeu: my cone is a whopper!


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