Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Confirmed: I will be on my own truck, doing my own gay thing, as of this Thursday. I had a great meeting tonight to work out logistics. My "usual" spot will right where it should be, I can tell you that much! Late Wednesday I'll be able to tell you where.

Thanks for sticking it out! In addition to what will be my home location, there are a bunch of fun events coming up. Here are a few of them:

June 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26
The Abrams Arts Center, 466 Grand St. (at Pitt)
From 6:30pm until 10pm
I'll be outside the theater, feeding folks on there way to the Tweed TheaterWorks production happening then, and anyone else who wants to come by is certainly welcome. Join me!

June 25
I'll be outside The Phoenix (13th Street, just west of Avenue A). There will be a party raging inside the bar, and I'll be out on the curb adding to the mayhem.

June 27
4th Street Arts Block will be shutting down their block (East 4th, between 2nd and Bowery) for an afternoon celebration called Pride Goes East. I'll be there, kids!


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