Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday wrap-up

I've been a little out of it since Saturday's big blast. What a day! I'm going back out for a little more training, and then starting Thursday I'll be out on my own for the rest of the month.

All of Saturday was quite staggering. We made a lot of people happy. In our weird little way we also opened a few minds, and that was very satisfying.

I've got to run out the door, but I want to share a bit of one of the emails I've gotten over the weekend. I hope the author doesn't mind. This sums up what many of them said, and I can tell you that it's all quite touching. Thanks everyone!
"My name is Kate, I stopped by the truck at Brooklyn Pride and ordered some chocolate with cayenne, and then a bit of extra cayenne. (My friend later ordered the blueberries with saba which was also delightful!) Anyway, I just wanted to say how happy your summer ice cream project has made me--from when I first read about it on Serious Eats, until I finally actualized the dream with friends yesterday--and I hope for more treats to come!"


  1. omg PLEASE COME TO MADISON SQUARE PARK THIS WEEK! The Shake Shack line is tooooo long and would rather meet you and support your fine business.


  2. Hi Natalie! It looks like my lunch/afternoon spot will be (for now, at least) right in the West Village. I'm not saying hitting Madison Square Park won't happen, but I think that while I settle in I'll be sticking my home base. Now-what-I-mean? Don't take it personally, ok? You know I love you!!

  3. you should soooo come to wales i would love to try some of the ice-cream - it sounds delicious!


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