Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I had a few notable interactions yesterday, and I should share them before they are forgotten.

1. In the evening I was at a gallery opening. A couple of other food trucks were there: Rickshaw Dumplings and Waffles and Dinges. The folks working the Rickshaw Truck were super. Really great, and it was a pleasure to meet them. Tom, the owner of the waffle truck, come by to introduce himself. I served his wife a Nilla-cone, and we had the chance to chat for a few minutes. Classy, decent people. I hope they can say the same about me! Rickshaw's food is damned good. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to pop over to try a waffle; next time.

2. A strange dude came to the window (while outside the gallery) and made a point of being quite possibly the lamest person in the world. He asked what organic food I sold, and I said "absolutely none." He said "with a name like The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, I'd expect you to sell organic food. You need to be progressive." What the hell? I said no, only chemicals served, and he nearly spit on the truck before walking off in disgust.

3. After the gallery closed a fellow working there (a custodian, I think?) asked me to wait- a security guard wanted to come out for a cone. I ended up hanging around with the custodian. Yesterday was his first day at his first job after 13 years in prison. He'd grown up in Bushwick, and all of his friends and family sold drugs. He got into that line, and wound up in the clink. We talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive friends. Good luck back on the outside, my friend!

4. A young girl near Union Square saw the truck, and started screaming with excitement. With one hand she pointed at me, and with the other hand she hiked up her dress and flapped it around. I laughed for at least 20 minutes after she left.


  1. You suck and I hope you fail. You are an asshole, and your happy little truck can't hide the fact that you are a creepy sociopath. Go fuck yourself.

  2. Wow, it must be an honor to know that Rush Limbaugh follows the BGICT and even takes the time to hurl lame insults.
    The BGICT is even bigger than I imagined! Keep up the good work and yummy concoctions :)

  3. Yeah, BGICT is huge. Actually, Rush is a big fan. It makes sense, really, because Rush loves fatty food and hates progressive, organic-food-loving hippie types too. And he's obviously a big fat closet case as well.

  4. Well aren't you a ray of sunshine, Anonymous!

  5. I'm confused. What does Rush Limbaugh have to do with the troll posting above? I've got an idea: Let's leave Rush out of this and call the troll an idiot for...well...acting like an idiot.

    P.S. Don't feed the trolls. Not even ice cream.


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