Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where to find me!

This weekend is Pride weekend. Get your ice cream mojo into overdrive, and look for me.

Should be back in the East Village at night. Will update. Major mechanical issues at depot and getting a truck is proving REALLY hard for Friday, but by night things should sort out.

From 3-6 I'll be at a street fair on East 4th, between Bowery and 2nd. I'll try to set up earlier...
From 7-9 I'm catering a wedding, so unless you're on the guest list....
9 til I run out of cones, I'll be somewhere in the Village. I'll let you know that day.

Near the parade, probably in the 40's around 5th. Will update.

How to spot me: the truck is a beat-up piece of junk with pretty banners. I'll be the guy with the dopey smile, covered in soft-serve spatter. Ha!

(by the way- I'm going to keep editing and re-posting this so that it stays current and at the top of the blog)


  1. um, how much does this ice cream cost?

  2. i'll be @ union Sq tonite after 8 pm, will u be around ??


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