Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, 6/22 - Location & Toppings

Back up & running at the NW corner of Union Square West (aka Broadway for you non-NYers) & 17th St. This was a good spot on Friday, so hopefully this is my home for a while. Greenmarket is also open today in the square.

Today's special toppings (all standard ones are here too): maple syrup, Nilla wafers, dulce de leche, sriracha, cayenne.

Bad news: no chocolate! depot was out of it.

Side note: if this was a few months ago I'd say I was parked at Fishs Eddy. But alas it's now yet another Pret-a-Manger. They're popping up quicker than Starbucks!

Side note 2: Today is Bryan's (Lil Gay) sister's birthday. Shout out to the birthday girl!


  1. fishs eddy is still there. but a few blocks north...

  2. No, Tisserie is gone, and replaced by Pret. Too bad, really. But Fishs Eddy is still there, and I'f I'm not mistaken, they are offering a discound for Pride week!


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