Friday, June 26, 2009

Swag sale for Pride weekend!

Hey there,

It's Gay Pride weekend here in NYC. The folks at Spreadshirt (who do a lovely job printing up the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck shirts) have agreed to make everything 10% off for the weekend! Enter the code "pride" when you check out, and get your discount.

Get gay.



  1. Hmm, why is the women's spaghetti strap tank in your store called a "husband beater"?

    Shouldn't it be called... a wife beater?

  2. This ice cream truck is the perfect job for you. I mean, have you ever met an ice cream truck guy who wasn't a creepy weirdo? Don't they all seem a little sinister? You're perfect.

  3. Hey where are you today? Your ice cream looks delishious

  4. Hey, twitter boy. Creepy? Honestly, couldn't you come up with a better word than that? I've already used that several times. How about "hateful"?


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