Friday, July 3, 2009


Many people have been asking if I can drop by various locations near them- Wall Street, UWS, and others. Please don't think I'm slighting you if I haven't been nearby. If you've been following the press about food trucks, you might understand that things aren't quite so simple. I wish I could just pull up anywhere I want, but it's tricky. There are people who have worked spots for years and years, and if a new guy suddenly drops in things can get icky.

Luckily my depot has some really good locations for me. In addition to those I'm trying to find some spots of my own- like Ave A and 13th- where people are fun and no other vendors are irritated by my presence. Another factor is that ice-cream trucks are slow moving, rickety monsters. Driving around (and the time it takes to pack up the truck every time it moves) means time that I can't be selling, and though I wish I could just be a rolling party-mobile (I really really really wish that!!) it's best for the bottom line if I can stay put for 1/2 the day.

I hope you can understand my position. During the summer I'll start moving around more, but right now I need to use the "approved" spots and work on getting a base of regulars. Please don't feel spurned if I can't come to your 'hood just yet.

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  1. Im a wall streeter, so i appreciate you addressing this...i just wish it was easier to pinpoint you everyday, can you publish a google map on the website each day or something? :-)


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