Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, over.

Another long day. I had an 8am doctor appointment, so after that ended I went to the depot. I was there by 10, and hoped to get an early start for Union Square, but the road was being ripped up and we couldn't move any trucks. I sat and stared out the window: see the photo in the previous post and you'll find what I stared at.

I arrived at my spot at 1pm, and the rains came and went. When the monsoons let up, plenty of people showed up. I would bet that by the end of the day I had made at least 20 of my Nutella critters.

I spent the evening at 47th and Broadway, sans banners, trying to pick up a few more bucks. The generator on my truck was filling the cabin with really crazy fumes. My eyes still feel screwy and I've been out of it for over an hour. The good news is that I had both chocolate AND vanilla (and swirl!) all day long, uninterrupted. I also had minimal spatter; that's a pleasant treat. Andrea's machine blew up on her a few times today. Lucky!

I'll be off the truck until the beginning of the week. I plan on driving on Monday, but schedules aren't made until the previous night so I can't say for certain. I have a concert to play, reeds to make, a husband to say hello to, and menus to plan. It's time to rotate a few new items in.

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