Saturday, August 15, 2009

Media round-up, August A

It's time for another collection of BGICT press. I continued to be astounded (and pleased, and humbled) by the coverage the endeavor is getting.

I wish I could also include every blog post that describes a visit to the truck or somehow talks about BGICT. If I listed one I'm sure I'd be omitting three by accident, so I'm not going to go down that road. Bloggers, I want you to know that I consider your TLC to be one of the great factors in our success. I do read what you write, and I appreciate it very much.

Village Voice (Runner-up to the top-ten frozen treats. Runner-up might sound not-so-great, but bear in mind I'm in the one of two mobile guys on the list. We beat a certain "upscale" ice cream truck conglomerate, and Jacques Torres is another runner-up. Yay!)
Heeb (I'd never heard of this magazine, but it's great. An editor described it to me as "The Onion, for Jews.")

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