Monday, August 31, 2009

You're lucky my mom taught me how to REALLY clean.

I woke up this morning really excited to get back out on the streets. Friday and Saturday were rain-outs, and Sunday is when I'm usually off. If you look down at my post from yesterday you'll see that the soft-serve machine in demon-truck blew up while I was off. Pressure built up inside the machine and the handles exploded off the unit. Mix sprayed all over the truck.

I got in today and the depot's mechanic was doing his best to get everything running. The fellow who usually does all the machine maintenance and cleaning has gone AWOL; I suspect he saw what a mess my truck was and left the country. So, while Wally and the bosses worked all afternoon to get things running I spent the time cleaning gack out of everything that I could possibly remove from the truck. All the topping bins, the cabinet that heats up dip, the sundae topping canisters... I took everything out and scrubbed it down. In doing so, I noticed that the bins I put sprinkles in are from an interesting place. I left the picture rotated so that the patriotic sticker would still catch your eye.

So, while it looks like the machine is coming back together properly, I find myself back home. I'm optimistic for tomorrow. Giving the truck a mid-season disinfecting isn't the worst thing in the world, either. I miss you all, and I hope you'll all come by to welcome me back out!

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  1. The Beatles come to mind...
    "my baby's got me locked up in chains"...
    think that's where is was made?


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