Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Facebook Fan Page

Doug created a Facebook fan page - so if you aren't one of the masses doing the Facebook exodus (as the NYT says) feel free to show your love & become a fan!


  1. We on the Crawford Road are so F%$&ing happy to see your face in the NYT!! Get' em at the Vendy awards! BTW, what will you do in the winter?
    Ellen & Phil

  2. -Just heard your interview on As It Happens (CBC)-
    We were just in NY around Union Square- DAMN- I wish we'd known!!

    Now I have a plan to pick up some good vanilla I.C. and wasabi peas- thanks!

    _Carolynn (a foodie in Toronto whose biggest dream as a 5-year-old was to have a hot dog stand)

  3. Crumbles! Our plane from Toronto was delayed by two hours, else we might have seen you!


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