Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On Wednesday, Sept 16, I'll be hitting the road a little later in the afternoon than usual. I'm not sleeping in... alas, I have an appointment at the Apple Store at 9:30. Ptooey! After that things get much more fun- I head uptown to the Sirius/XM studios and go on the air with Frank DeCaro. Listen in! I'll be on his show, which you find on Sirius OutQ, channel 109. I'll be in the studio a little past noon.

If you're not a subscriber, go get a free trial and tune in.

Even if you're hopelessly out of touch with the world of entertainment (like me) you'll probably remember Frank from his stint on The Daily Show. He was their movie reviewer for a while, and a part of a cast that really couldn't be beat. I vividly remember the first time I saw him.... speechless. Just speechless! I suspect we'll have a good time tomorrow, unless we get in a tiff and pull each other's wigs off. I don't expect that to happen; how could you not love a guy who has a pooch like this one?


  1. It was love at first laugh with Frank De Caro on the Daily Show and now it's great that we can listen to him everyday on Sirius.He'll be perfect in his new shirt. doggie shirt for Herman?


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