Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday wrap-up

Friday was nutty! I arrived at Union Square around 2pm; from the time we opened until about 8:00pm there was barely a lull. In that time Bryan manned the window a great deal, since I had a phone interview with Canadian Broadcast Corporation and a video interview with a fellow from a Colombian news program. Things seem to be going international, which is wonderful and hilarious. The Canadian interview aired later in the evening and I've gotten quite a few nice notes since then. Thanks, Northerners! Before long the show (called As It Happens - look for airdate 9/4) should be available here.

Note: I can hear it at this link. Hopefully it will work for you, too. The end of the segment features music from the demented "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks" by Michael Hearst.

The boss of the Vendy Awards dropped by to discuss day-of logistics with us. That day will be MADNESS, and I really encourage you all to get a ticket. It will sell out. How wacky is it that the event is covered by Al Jezeera?? I wish that all of the crowd would show up in BGICT shirts and thereby screw up all of their photos!

Please note: I've arrange with our shirt vendor to put all BGICT gear on sale in our Spreadshirt shop this weekend! Visit the store and use the code LABORDAY15OFF to take 15% off your total.

I'll be working again on Saturday. See ya out and about!


  1. Hi from Vancouver Canada from the Pacific west coast. This ex classical flautist University of Toronto music grad heard your interview. I am now a flight attendant and hope to see you, as I often have New York layovers. I am lactose intolerant but am always armed with Lactaid for those special moments.

  2. Hi.

    I live in NJ and I would like to take a drive into the city this afternoon. (Sat.)

    Please post your Saturday location ASAP.
    Thanks. Dennis Frank, Fair Lawn, NJ


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