Thursday, September 3, 2009


Things are hectic... lots of ice cream to make, people to talk to, yadda yadda. Tomorrow I have a phone interview with Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Hilarrrrrious! Global domination?

We got an excellent notice in the New York Times yesterday. I gotta say- it's really damned cool. Read it!


  1. Hello,

    I live in Moncton, New Brunswick (a long way from Toronto) and I just heard your interview on CBC radio. I've yet to visit NYC but am hoping to perhaps this fall and if so I will look for your truck. You guys sounded great on the radio. Cheers,

    Suzanne :)

  2. I heard you on CBC tonight and you were FABULOUS!!! We need a BIg Gay Ice Cream truck in Toronto...and I think you should get music students to run could be a THING!

    We have decided that we love you here in Canada!!


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