Friday, October 23, 2009


We closed up shop two weeks ago, and since then we've had full immersion into our "real jobs." Bryan never left his, of course, but there was still plenty of work to be tackled. In addition to his regular gig he had to get our apartment back into living condition; over the summer it became a repository of storage bins, BGICT shirts, receipts, and what seemed like hundreds of squeeze bottles. I've had a bassoon to reacquaint myself with, and I am currently in Boston playing Rossini's opera Tancredi.

The truck is off the road right now, but we still have plenty to report. It's been amazing to "top the charts" at Yelp, and we were also named "Best Street Food" in The Village Voice Best of 2009 issue. We like to think that it's been due to the right combination of good food, good will, and good nature. Thank you all. We are flattered.

We have begun offering chances to win free concert tickets on Twitter. I'll have a formal announcement about this in a week, including a list of groups that will be participating, but here are a few reasons why we decided to do this. Most importantly, we want to do something for the Twitter followers. These folks are a huge part of our success, and if we can help you get their butts into seats at some good shows, it's our pleasure to do so. Along the same vein, we want to make our Twitter feed relevant while we're on haitus. Lastly, as a member of the arts community I hope to promote live music. It's our bread and butter; recordings certainly aren't paying the bills, we need people at concerts. Please consider subscribing to the Twitter feeds of the organizations that have donated tickets. I'm sure that you will find a reason to patronize them.

One last item! I tweeted that (even though it revolts me for several reasons) I want a fish pedicure. Several people asked what this is. I encourage you to Google for yourselves...


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  2. i have had a fish pedicure. :) but i was in korea where its allowed! ahahaha and my feet felt wonderful and clean afterwards! people in korea are generally hygenic so there was a sink with soap where everyone just knew they were supposed to wash their feet before and after the pedicure! (i followed everyone else who was doing it) hahahah hope you find a good one!


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