Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Wants to Take You to a Concert

From: Doug Quint, aka “The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Guy”

When Bryan Petroff and I started The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck earlier this year we had no idea what a successful summer we would have and how well received our endeavor would be. We also had no inkling of the tremendous role that Twitter that would play in our success. Our Twitter followers (a global community, currently 4,400 strong and growing) are an amazing and enthusiastic group – without them we would not have had the same season.

With our ice cream truck now on winter hiatus we began to look for a worthwhile use for our wide-reaching Tweeter news feed. We sought something that would make our devotees feel appreciated. As a professional bassoonist I have always been deeply committed to the arts, so promoting arts organizations via ticket giveaways seemed a perfect fit: participating organizations gain fans and receive publicity, and our Twitter followers have a chance to see excellent performances.

Each giveaway is announced separately, and tickets are available to any of our Twitter followers. Those who express interest (via an “@biggayicecream” message) will be entered into a pool, with winners selected by random drawing.

We hope that this endeavor will become one of our hallmarks. As of November 2, 2009, the following organizations have pledged tickets to our giveaway program.

American Modern Ensemble
American Symphony Orchestra
Carnegie Hall
Chameleon Arts Ensemble
New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Orchestra of St. Luke’s
Portland Symphony Orchestra (Maine)
Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston
San Diego Symphony


  1. Wow! That's a grandiose list if I ever did see one. I've entered nearly everyone of the NY giveaways and hope to grab some tickets in the near future!

    Thanks for all your hard work. :)

  2. That is amazing! Thank you. I just wish I lived closer to any of these wonderful places.
    I also wish that I was closer to the BGICT.

  3. As a classical musician and ice cream enthusaist, I think this is the best thing since you started your truck. Thank you, Doug, for being so awesome and talented and kind. :)


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